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Each person working at the Bobbin Lace Learning Center is responsible for her station and its evolution. But this equip has for objective the development of lace and of the association. They are polyvalent when it required there. Women of the CEDF is normal wages-earner with insurances (Precaution and Mutual insurance company) and restaurant tickets. This job that they exert with enthusiasm at IRIDAT/CEDF is their only and single profession. The training courses, the subscriptions, the courses on the spot and by correspondence, visits of the exhibition and the sales of the store is affected with the wages and loads, with the taxes, the rent, operation, the investments and the payment of the invoices. It is of this impossible fact, in our structure, that the personnel makes voluntary help but this professionalisation always makes it possible to be the listening of the members. Their fidelity and their comprehension contribute at the development of the CEDF-IRIDAT (more 30 years).

The office

The president founder and the office are voluntary. The president directs, imagines and coordinates, dialoguing with the team, about the development, the research and the innovation of the association. The office is composed of :
President founder : Mick Fouriscot
Treasury : Josiane Grail
Assistant Treasury : Margot Veyrac
Secretary: Jeannie Bourdin, who makes lace design at the Bobbin Lace National Conservatory in Le Puy-en-Velay.

Professional Bobbin Lace Maker

Bénédicte Gachet obtained C.A.P. "Art of Lace" in 1981. She integrated the Bobbin Lace Learning Center (CEDF) in 1979. She draws and realizes contemporaries models for the review "La Dentelle". She directs delocalized courses in the Velay. She takes part in the development of lace courses. Bénédicte practices for 22 years.

Claire Crespy-Cuerq followed a training of "lace design" from 1979 to 1980 and obtained her C.A.P. "Art of Lace" in 1983. She takes part of the Center since 1982. She creates contemporaries models and illustrates the review "La Dentelle" by small drawings, models suggests...

Marie-Christine Destable-Granturco obtained her C.A.P. "Art of Lace" in 1984. She integrated the CEDF in 1983 when she became a professionnal lacemaker. Teacher, she takes part different catalogues and realization of lace, various techniques lace, corrects courses by correspondence, realization of models of the review. She set up courses of specialization and takes place at many meeting (in Paris and in Le Puy-en-Velay)  for the development of C.A.P. and B.M.A. "Art of Lace". She practiced for 23 years.

Nathalie Hubert began like an apprentice at the Bobbin Lace National Conservatory in Le Puy-en-Velay and obtained her C.A.P. "Art of Lace" in 1986. She belong to the CEDF for 16 years. Become a professional lacemaker, she specialized like traditional lace design. She sets up of courses on the spot and by correspondence. She directs courses in the Velay, in France and abroad. She takes part at meetings (in Paris and in Le Puy-en-Velay) for the development of C.A.P. and B.M.A. "Art of Lace".

Joelle Masson-Courriol began like apprentice at the Bobbin Lace National Conservatory in Le Puy-en-Velay in 1983 and obtained her C.A.P. “Art of lace” in 1986. She joined the CEDF in 1995 when she became professional lace maker. Teaching, she takes part in the realization of laces of many the catalogues proposed by the Center, correction of courses by correspondence, realization of models for our review. She set up of the courses of specialization. Joelle practices for 11 years.

Marie Massip is titular of C.A.P. and  B.M.A. "Art of the embroidery gold” obtained at the college Gilles Jamain of Rochefort. After a stay in Vietnam to teach the embroidery, she integrated the Center where she prepared and obtained her C.A.P. “Art of lace” in 2004. She followed training courses of the Lesage School in embroidery Haute couture. She directs lace courses and embroidery in Le Puy-en-Velay, in France and abroad and makes models for the Review. She creates courses by correspondence of embroidery which she teaches successfully.

Nathalie Sauret started to follow our lace courses of Wednesday when she was 7 years old. After her baccalaureat, she integrated in 2006 the Center with a contract of professionalisation and will pass her C.A.P. “Art of lace” next June. She directs inventory of laces and the actualization of the site. Extremely gifted, she will belong to the next generation of the lacemakers of the Center.

The administrative

Maggy Boulagnon
belongs to the Center since 1983. She has responsibility for the review : cover, contents, illustrations, topicality, management of the subscriptions, correspondence, relations with the printer, she directs the organization of trips, brings up date on the diary of the site. She directs the inventory of the books of the library which will be on line very soon.

Mireille Roche integrated the Center in 1987. She deals the secretariat (reception of the mail and answer, payment of the invoices and the wages, relation with the accountant and the bank, assembly of the files, relation to the social and tax administrations, organization of the trips, management of the training courses, actualization of the site, standard). She is the relay of Mick Fouriscot.

Nadia Gallien joined the Center in 1998. She is titular of a B.T.S. accountancy. She deals the accountancy of the store “De Fil en Fuseau”, invoicing of the many parcels dispatched twice per week, inventory, update of the site "e.commerce", establishment of the catalogue, recording of the mail arrived, assessment.

"De Fil en Fuseau"

Veronique Crespy
integrated the Center in 1993. She is responsible for the shop, directs stocks, occupies herself of restocking, sales on the spot, by correspondence and on line, of the forwarding of the orders in France and abroad.

The Reception

Catherine Ascensi
integrated the Center in 2006. She directs the reception of the visitors and helps Veronique in the forwarding of the orders. General-purpose, she takes part in many activities within the C.E.D.F..

Our voluntary friends

Yvonne Roussy
- M.O.F. as a Duchess technique regularly offers to us models for the review “La Dentelle”.
Martine Piveteau - M.O.F. in torchon lace, president of association “Muddle Wire” at Cholet very often offers to us models for the review “La Dentelle” and all the other people who contributed since the beginning of the success of our review.

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